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The choice to founder this new magazine, is to fulfill a new range of contents that usually you can not find all in one place. 

Fashion magazines Sold for the world “ TRENDY “ or “ CLASSIC”  or “ Trans- Gender” …why not all in ONE?

 So many magazines should be bought for having the right information or variety in answer and images………..

so,  as Hugh Hefner in Chicago when he started his Playboy Magazine in his kitchen, I decide to make a version / book magazine with my interests. And not just for me.

For a Target of curious, creatives,

clubbers & lonely people.

In search of telling the truth in everything, without censorship, down to the marketing to erase brains, we are here to pry into the contemporary life of the 2021 in a futuristic vision of FREEDOM – FRATERNITY AND LEGALITY.

This Manifesto represents the desire to travel abroad and reach the virtual hearts… ..

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